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that i think we have just seen steve jobs step down as ceo of apple to become chairman. he was the only person i have ever known that has ever been able to actually merge the world's completely reject completely. ure that he and the company will continue to weld in the future. from my perspective, that is the perfect example of the union we should see in the future. and from my perspective again, this is the first time the lecture has been given by someone not employed and television broadcasting or production. and i am not sure whether that means the bar has been raised or lowered, but i will do my best it is an honor to be here. as an outsider james murdoch described himself as a crazy relative everyone is embarrassed by. i wonder what he would say now. [applause] if james is the family outcast, i am not sure what that makes me. and by the cheek in the corner? and my the alien species? and by t ? am ith the android? have google toto look this step up? i am back. [laughter] it is very kind of you to think of me. i am very committed to google. all that has changed now is that larry has
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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